Ahoy there Mateys!

Counting the days!

As you all know, the New Zealand government approved our application to be a recognised church able to nominate Pastafarians to be approved as marriage celebrants (Ministeronis in our parlance).

After a long arduous process (see the Frequently Asked Questions page for a full description) over many months, our first Ministeroni has been put forward by the Church to the Department of Internal Affairs (submitted 23 January 2016) and is awaiting notification of approval (DIA website advises this takes 10 days) and then publication of approval in the New Zealand Gazette.

There is a lovely German couple who have set up a crowd source funding page (https://www.generosity.com/celebration-fundraising/1st-legal-pastafarian-wedding-worldwide) to help with the costs for this auspicious first.  We anticipate international news coverage as we received when our approval to be recognised was gazetted.

If you would like to support this couple of courageous love birds, contribute to their Pastafarian dreams enabler and enjoy the media frenzy whenever Pastafarians are treated with the same respect and rights as other religions.