Marriage Celebrant Approved!


Avast and ahoy and Arrrrrr!  We have a legally, officially, approved New Zealand Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster marriage celebrant – in our parley a Ministeroni!  Arrr!

We be celebratin’ with a big bowl of pasta and a judicious glass of red vino – join us!

Give thanks to Its noodliness and the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Team at DIA for professionally and compassionately processing our application – they were obviously embraced by the FSM’s noodley appendages – they deserve a 21-gun salute for tugging us through the process – it was turbulent waters and their guidance and support was much appreciated by the crew and captain.

So find your special crew-mate and set a date to tie the knot!  See our Marriage page for all the terms and conditions then Contact Us to secure the Ministeroni for a saucy ceremony.  R’Amen!


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