Masculine gods? No!

440px-FSM_Logo.svgWhy does every religion assign masculine gender identity to its gods (except a few polytheist religions which also have feminine deities though fewer alongside the more powerful masculine ones)?  The Greek and Roman gods were reported to be having sexual relations with each other and with humans (and a few animals).  Excepting those, why does a god need genitals or gender identity?  Answer: human masculine ego.  Although some argue that humans were made in ‘god’s’ image, the only gods in those religions are masculine hence the long-standing argument that ‘man’ was superior to ‘woman’.  WRONG!

The FSM is clearly gender-neutral – despite some followers claiming to see ‘meatballs’ which they equate to masculine balls but not feminine balls (called gonads – same function but not exposed).

Our Church sees the FSM as gender-neutral – the ONLY gender-neutral deity that we know of!  We ARE different!  We are not satirical, making frat-boy jokes about the size of our deity’s gonads (it doesn’t need gonads!) – after all it is a carbohydrate-based deity (not protein-based).

Join us in celebrating the awesomeness of our god who loves all genders and no genders by eating a bowl of saucy noodles liberally sprinkled with organic cheese and washed down with organic wine and/or beer.