2 thoughts on “Churches Around the World

  1. I was lost but now I’m found I am thankful to now be a member of the church of the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster I love Pasta, People, Moto Guzzi’s, Wine, Beer and the Holy Spirit (Boutbon) and life.

    I forthwith pledge myself to the Great Spaghetti Monster and a life guided by not only the Great Lord Carlo Guzzi (Founder and Designer Of Moto Guzzi Motorcycles) but also by living in a Pastafarian inspired way.
    I Will follow COD ALSO and continue to be a Prawn again Christian within my Rastafarian beliefs and commitment to a good life honouring, honesty, trustwortihess, integrity, voluntary euthanasia and fun.

  2. Good to see that we are recognised. I was beginning to lose faith and considered joining the Bertrand Russell Teapot in the sky crowd.

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