Is the Ministeroni legally sanctioned?

New Zealand has two legally sanctioned marriage celebrants – Ministeroni in arr parlance.  One anchors in Wellington and the other in Auckland.  Both can travel and perform ceremonies anywhere in New Zealand. Unlike some other countries, only one ceremony is required in New Zealand.

me and fsm rotatedWhen can we tie the knot?

You can be married any day, any time.  You must marry where the licence states- so always have an alternate venue listed on the license in case of foul weather.

When you apply for the license, the celebrant’s name must be listed – so plan ahead and get agreement as to who it will be, when and where.

To get a marriage licence see How to get a marriage licence .

What’s involved in the ceremony?


The Law of the Land of the Long White Sheep Cloud requires the Vows to be stated in a certain way (see below) – all other parts of the wedding ceremony are optional and your choice.  Marriage by a Pastafarian Ministeroni is different – usually a lot of fun!

If you have wedding guests (beyond the two witnesses legally required to attend the ceremony) it’s nice to have the Ministeroni acknowledge who’s there (often with a mighty “Arrr”) and who wanted to be there but couldn’t.

The Ministeroni will say something special about this day, read a favorite story or tell about the meaning of Pastafarianism (arr relationship to the infinite through critical thinking) , or you may may want to do this yourselves or get a pirate mate or two or three – to do the honours.

New Zealand law requires the full names of each person as they appear on the license to be used at some point in the ceremony to clearly identify them.  It can be as part of the vows (“I, Farro Farferelli, take you, Penne Pasta, to be my legal wife/husband/partner/best mate”) or you can have the Ministeroni use your full names at the start of the ceremony, and then use abbreviations or nicknames in the vows and other parts of the ceremony.          

The vows (or promises) can be short (as above) or as long as you want.

The exchange of rings (or rigatoni in our parlance) is not required.  You may choose to exchange something else, or nothing beyond exchanging your vows or promises ( or your terms and conditions, “Arrrrrticle 1: Add salt to the water before ya boil the pasta…”).  It gives you the chance to say something, like “I give you this ringatoni as a token of my love and promises to you”.

The registration papers (formal documents) must be signed by the couple, the Ministeroni and the two witnesses during or immediately after the ceremony.

The pronouncement by the Ministeroni is traditional and optional.  You may have the Ministeroni say whatever floats your boat or sauces your noodles.

At the end, the Ministeroni wishes the couple well for the future.  And now is the time to ask the guests to support you both – and if they don’t – they can walk the plank!

How much does it cost?Jpeg

One of the fixed rules in the New Zealand Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is that no personal gain is allowed.  The Ministeroni donates their time; couples cover all travel expenses and a donation to the Church (to cover direct expenses like this website, domain name, Ministeroni’s robes and weapons, etc.).

Donations are negotiated at the start and may be anywhere from about $150 up to $800. It can vary depending on the amount of time in planning with the Ministeroni, the length of the ceremony and how much you want the Ministeroni to do for you.

The Ministeroni can:

  • provide readings and the wording of your vows and/or work with you to create your own
  • attend a rehearsal of the ceremony (often done on Skype since couples adn the Ministeroni may be roaming the salty seas at any time)
  • coordinating with the photographer or videographer
  • attend the after function (pasta feast is traditional), can give a special Pastafarian Blessing to the Feast and those present, or depart directly after the ceremony.

It’s a good idea to decide what you want the Ministeroni to do for you, and whether the donation and travel expense can be reduced (ie, by providing transportation for the Ministeroni).

Please read  How to get a marriage licence  through the Department of Internal Affairs.

Whatever you decide, the Flying Spaghetti Monster hopes you will maximise your well-being and the well-being of all sentient beings, on your special day and every day. R’Amen

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